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 *  0. How To Win: Table of Contentsplain
 *  A. Ten Things To Do Firstplain
 *  B. Tips for Winning Electionsplain
 *  C1. Media Tools and Strategiesplain
 *  C2. Organize a Speak-Outplain
 *  C3. Effective Speakingplain
 *  C4. The Science of Spinplain
 *  D1. Religious Voices Speak Outplain
 *  D2. Separation of Church and Stateplain
 *  D3. Theology v. Intoleranceplain
 *  E1. Public Aid to Parochial Schoolsplain
 *  E2. School Board Watchdogsplain
 *  E3. Case Study-San Diegoplain
 *  E4. Creationismplain
 *  E5. Sexuality Educationplain
 *  E6. Prayer in Schoolsplain
 *  E7. Missionaries in Schoolsplain
 *  E8. Law, Religion, and Schoolsplain
 *  E9. Secular Humanismplain
 *  F1. Censorship in Schoolsplain
 *  F2. Censorship in Librariesplain
 *  F3. Funding and The Artsplain
 *  F4. Organize to End Censorshipplain
 *  F5. Censorship, Sex, and Womenplain
 *  G. Anti-Gay Attacksplain
 *  H1. Pro-Choice Election Campaignsplain
 *  H2. Talking Points on Choiceplain
 *  H3. Keeping Clinics Openplain
 *  I. Environment and Populationplain
 *  J1. Orthodox or "Conservative" Organizationsplain
 *  J2. Readings on the Religious Rightplain

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